Our volunteer doctors use everyday technology to save lives in war zones and low resource countries.

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Arian Teleheal enables local doctors in warzones and low resource countries to consult with expert clinicians from across the world by using everyday technology such as smartphones, instant messaging and video chat.

The volunteer doctors of Arian Teleheal have saved the lives of hundreds of men, women and children. Arian Teleheal was founded by digital pioneer, Dr Waheed Arian, who has won a number of international awards for his innovative work..

In 2015, Arian Teleheal became the first organisation in the world to offer live 24/7 international clinical telemedicine support using secure social media channels on smartphones.

We use smartphones because large, expensive telemedicine systems are not easily available in conflict zones. However, many local doctors working in these areas use their smartphones to access the internet.

Our work is now helping people in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Uganda and South Africa.

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Donate as much or as little as you can afford; we do not receive government money but rely on the kind donations from individuals and organisations in order for us to do our lifesaving work.

Our Impact

The volunteer doctors of Arian Teleheal have already helped save the lives of many war-stricken men, women and children, and continue to do so on a daily basis.

A pilot of our work across five hospitals in Kabul, Afghanistan, was surveyed in 2015-2016, and concluded that “dozens of lives were saved” and that local medics found our work “hugely supportive and educational”.

The success of this pilot saw Arian Teleheal rolled out to every major hospital in Afghanistan, serving a population of nearly 35 million people. A further three-year study found that our volunteer doctors
had help care for 1,100 patients and save nearly 700 lives during that time. We also support work in Syria, serving an area of 1.3 million local people and internally displaced Syrian refugees.

In addition to the work of our doctors, Arian Teleheal provides strategic advice and support to partners working in crisis areas and with refugees worldwide, including Yemen, South Africa and Uganda. We are partners in the West Nile Consortium, which brings together a range of UK and overseas organisations working with local groups to support the 1.4 million refugees from South Sudan now residing in the West Nile region.

We also work with carefully chosen partners including the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, NHS England and Health Education England.

Meet Dr Arian

From the bomb-ridden backstreets of Kabul during the Soviet conflict to creating an award winning charity.

Other Ways to Help

There are lots of ways you can help us, from volunteering as a medical professional to creating a sponsored event. All help is very much appreciated to helps save lives around the world