I felt that I really needed to share these pictures of a two-and-a-half year old Syrian girl with you, who was in a very perilous situation, but who was saved by the work of our Arian Teleheal volunteers.

When people watch media coverage of conflicts, they naturally think of all the people seriously wounded by bullets, rockets or explosions. However, the people also face another enemy – diseases.

Diseases don’t sleep, and don’t take account of the problems people are already facing. Many people in conflict zones will face serious health problems unrelated to the violence.

This young girl was brought to a hospital in Syria by her father in a comatose state linked to her diabetes, a life-threatening position, particularly for children. The Syrian doctors used Arian Teleheal to seek advice on treatment options. Even though their request was received late in the evening, UK-time, I am humbled to say that within a very short time, three consultants had reviewed her details and passed on our advice.

The Syrian doctors made their treatment decisions and within a few hours the same girl was back to her normal happy self, walking around the hospital. At times like these, you realise how our volunteers link with medics across the world to create everyday miracles