My life’s journey has taken me to some amazing and unusual places so far, and my two New York events are among the most unlikely for me to have reached, given all the challenges I have faced.

Firstly, in front of a 400-strong audience of kings, queens and heads of state, including His Excellency Dr Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan, I was presented with my Global Hero Award, becoming the first UK citizen to receive one. It was humbling company at New York’s historic Public Library, with my fellow Heroes having achieved so much in their own fields.

I used my acceptance speech to thank the judges for recognising the achievements of myself, but of our Arian Teleheal volunteers. However I also issued a challenge to them – if I could have achieved so much, having come from such a challenged background, and having faced such massive odds between myself and success, then what could we all do now, everyone in that room, if we worked together to support other people across the globe who have a vision but need our support.

Then, just two days later, I was one of the specially-selected delegates to attend the first ever Goalkeepers event.